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Since 1989, young adults from across the U.S. have counted on CLE’s academic, career, social and independent living services to help them succeed at college, pursue a career, learn executive functioning skills, enjoy living away from home, and build their community.

College Living Experience (CLE) helps people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), NVLD, dyslexia and other disabilities gain the skills they need to become independent.


Anthony Cepe hosting the beverage station during Congressman Panettas’s visit to CLE!
Town hall meeting with Congressman Panetta and students at CLE!
Congressman Panetta discussing issues affecting our CLE student community !
CLE students greeting and introducing themselves to Congressman Panetta at  CLE !
Capping off a wonderful time spent with Congressman Panetta  at CLE! Thank you for taking the time to visit us and learn about CLE!
Students and staff enjoying a great day at the Renaissance Fair!
CLE students exploring the Monterey Bay Aquarium during a Community Integration session.
Isabelle proudly smiling on her first day as a CLE Office Intern.
CLE students and staff joined fellow volunteers to celebrate the end of year banquet at the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Volunteer Accessibility Project.
Students toured downtown Monterey’s Wells Fargo and learned about jobs in the banking industry.
Community Speaker Series with Megan Mayer
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