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Millions of people struggle every day to communicate as they navigate their everyday lives. Not being able to speak English or speak at all, they need help being understood in various situations, some simple and many critical. Businesses and organizations encounter this challenge every day. To help support outstanding customer care, LanguageLine Solutions® is dedicated to eliminating the language barrier through meaningful conversations in more than 240 languages anytime, anywhere.

LanguageLine’s pioneering interpretation and translation solutions helps to effectively communicate in both the spoken and written word empowering even the quietest voice. Thousands of clients depend on LanguageLine to comply with laws and regulations, improve staff efficiencies and enhance the customer experience 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Through highly-qualified linguists, LanguageLine is people helping people helping to create smiles, save lives, ensure justice and deliver mutual understanding 40 million times a year. That’s one human connection every second of every day.