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I am a certified Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) instructor. I teach swimming to all ages (anyone over 6 months old). ISR is the global leader in the industry it pioneered in 1966: survival swimming lessons for infants and young children. ISR Instructors provide the safest and most effective survival swimming lessons available. The ISR lessons students receive today is a product of nearly 60 years of research and experience to achieve unparalleled results each day in pools around the world. Today, ISR’s mission, “Not One More Child Drowns,” is the foundation of everything we do and is the driving force behind ISR’s employees, independent ISR Instructors, and major corporate partnerships. ISR believes the successful prevention of the leading cause of accidental death for children under the age of 4 in the U.S. will require a large group of caring and capable professionals whose sole focus is to save lives.