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About Us

If you have a purpose, we'd be honored to help empower it. If you don't, we'd be honored to help you discover it. We listen, we serve, and we execute wealth management techniques designed for your needs, objectives and dreams.

The Pence family has been involved in Financial Advisory Services for over 30 years. By serving over 1000 families, we learned a lot about what works well and what doesn’t. Those lessons combined with our military heritage inspired us to build a process. We thought, “Wouldn’t it be great to capture all our best lessons learned in one company?”

In 2018, we created Pence Financial Group, LLC (PFG or Pence) to do just that. Though a relatively new company, PFG, is not new in experience, philosophy, or knowledge. PFG was created around best practices and a heritage of service.

At the end of the day, our purpose is to help you grow and manage your wealth to empower your purpose through retirement, inspirement (what we like to call your legacy), and finally to span generations so that all the hard work that went into generating your wealth has a more permanent impact.

Whether you are starting out in your career, thinking about retirement, or own a business, we’d like to help. We have a team of in-house advisors, supported by internal and external specialists. You tell us your story and we put together a comprehensive plan to empower your purpose.

At Pence Financial Group, we believe that good financial decisions don’t have to be confusing. If you have any questions or want to schedule a complimentary meeting to discuss your specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


  • They don't care what you know, until they know you care
  • If you fail to plan, you plan to fail