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Rancho Cielo Youth Campus


Non Profit-Youth Related

About Us

Rancho Cielo invests in all young people facing challenges for success through diploma education, vocational training, counseling and life skills development in a safe and affirming environment.

What We Do
Rancho Cielo invests in young people who bring gifts, challenges and potential, by providing an environment to allow them to achieve success.
- Diploma education and college readiness;
- Vocational training with industry professionals;
- Life skills and job readiness;
- Enrichment experiences;
- Physical and emotional healing;
- A safe and secure environment in which to pursue their goals;
- Positive character and Identity development;
- Connections back to our community to become participating and productive members.

How We Do It:
- Rancho Cielo creates an atmosphere of acceptance, safety, mutual respect and belonging that affirms each student’s background and cultural heritage.

Why We Do It:
- We believe every young person deserves the opportunity to thrive.