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Be among the well PREPARED and CONNECTED.
Bob and Gina Estrada are dedicated Financial Professionals who have been serving clients for 44 years. They provide financial services to families, medical professionals and closely held business owners, primarily in the Agricultural Industry. They provide their clients with cutting edge techniques to help address their financial concerns. Bob and Gina work closely with attorneys, accountants and their clients' other financial professionals to create strategies that best serve the clients' interest.
Bob and Gina work with a team of professionals to bring their clients the very best in the planning process of financial protections, implementing tax-advantaged investment strategies, and helping to pass assets efficiently to heirs. We deliver sound financial, investment and wealth management strategies that are designed to help you take control of your future. Our Discovery process provides clarity on where you want to go and what it will take to get you there. Most importantly, you become a member of our client family, where we strive to provide the best service in the industry.
Our team has expertise in many areas, especially focusing on Retirement Planning, Estate Transfer and Asset Management. Our clients find comfort in knowing that they have planned to enjoy retirement in the lifestyle they desire. We guide them through the maze of their benefits packages and investments and create distribution strategies to help them make their hard-earned money last their lifetime and pass efficiently to their heirs.